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Summertime Reading List
by  Autumn — July 8, 2018

A recent round-up of articles that I’ve contributed to, answering some common questions and sharing nutrition knowledge.

Food for Travel: What to Eat at the Airport?
by  Autumn — March 30, 2018

Traveling is great, but airport food? Not so much. In my latest article with Health magazine, I give my tips for what to think about when choosing foods for your next trip.

Spotlight on Fiber
by  Autumn — November 10, 2017

Have questions about fiber? Check out this article I contributed to for HealthyWay to learn all you want to know!

High-Protein Vegetables
by  Autumn — September 15, 2017

Did you know that your salad might be giving you the protein boost you were looking for? Find out about what vegetables can provide some protein and how to meal prep them in my article with Prevention Magazine online.

Packing for School Lunch
by  Autumn — August 22, 2017

We collaborated with Reader’s Digest to examine common lunchbox mishaps and how to prevent them.