Summertime Reading List

by  Autumn — July 8, 2018

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of answering some common nutrition questions for various publications and blogs, as well as fun questions about myself and my practice. It’s always great to chat with others and be able to provide clear answers to common questions. I imagine some of you might have these same questions, so check out this round-up of links below to find out my answers to their inquiries.

I spoke with Health magazine about ideas and ingredients to keep on hand for making meal prep a breeze.

Prevention magazine had some great questions about the importance of vitamin A and its sources.

I talked to The List about the benefits of pineapple and mint, two of my favorite summertime foods.

While everyone knows how much I love fiber, it can cause some side effects in certain instances. I spoke with Popsugar about why this happens sometimes and how to best incorporate fiber into your diet to ensure you are getting the most benefit without side effects.

Finally, I chatted with a new friend in the area who owns Carolina Birth and Wellness, a great resource for doula and massage services. See our discussion here and check them out if you are expecting and looking for a great support system!