Kitchen Tips – Summer Edition

Simple but effective kitchen tips to help you enjoy some favorite summer foods even more than usual.

Summertime Reading List
by  Autumn — July 8, 2018

A recent round-up of articles that I’ve contributed to, answering some common questions and sharing nutrition knowledge.

Spring Pesto Pasta
by  Autumn — May 28, 2018

A springtime dish that is versatile and full of flavor.

Day Hiking: Snack Essentials
by  Autumn — May 28, 2018

My favorite food essentials to power you through a successful, fun day-hiking adventure.

Food for Travel: What to Eat at the Airport?
by  Autumn — March 30, 2018

Traveling is great, but airport food? Not so much. In my latest article with Health magazine, I give my tips for what to think about when choosing foods for your next trip.