New Year Abundance

by  Autumn — January 18, 2018

I know we are already half way through January, but I wanted to address something that always weighs on me this time of year. I love a fresh start as much as the next person and agree that the new year is as good of a time as any for that feeling. What I don’t agree with are all of the people that seem to pop up out of nowhere this time of year to tell you everything that you have been doing wrong prior to now, and how by simply cutting seemingly everything enjoyable out of your life (at least when it comes to your diet), you’ll be so much better off. Excuse me, but what? How is removing joy from your life going to make you happier?

The sad thing is, this isn’t only a new year phenomenon, although it tends to rear it’s ugly head now more than ever. I often find that when clients come to me for an initial meeting, they expect me to  provide them with an exact list of what they can cannot eat, which they often don’t realize would be exactly like every other fad-diet they’ve tried before. They expect me to be the food police, tell them their precise list of “good” and “bad” foods, and send them on their way. They then think, “okay, if I can just stick to the list she’s going to give me, all of my issues with food will resolve.” Most clients are surprised when I do the exact opposite in our session (see this post for more). Unless we are dealing with a food allergy/intolerance, you’ll be hard-pressed to find me restricting someone’s diet very much. I don’t like to demonize foods of any kind, but rather help people find the balance of foods that works best for their body, lifestyle, and goals.

That’s why not only in the new year, but all year-round, I like to focus on abundance rather than deprivation. Here’s a new way to look at your goals: instead of focusing on everything you should be cutting out of your diet, focus on the things that you want to bring more of into your diet. For example, instead of a goal that states “I will not eat any sweets this month,” try “I will aim to eat 5 different colored fruits and vegetables every day this month.” Shifting from a negative mindset and depriving yourself of things you might really love and enjoy from time to time, to a positive mindset of bringing more good into your life will be a huge catalyst for change, I promise. I do this when goal setting with a lot of my clients, and I can’t tell you how much easier it is to work toward a positive goal and see progress, however small, as a great step forward (as opposed to the typical feeling of no willpower, failure, and giving up on your goals all together).

In the images above, you’ll see what might be a typical plate for some people: mac & cheese, pulled pork, and a bit of a green vegetable. The next image still includes the mac & cheese and pulled pork, but brings in so much more color and vibrancy, illustrating that it’s not about losing the foods you love, but just learning to love even more foods and widen your vision for your ideal plate.

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